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We all live busy lives. Adult Sunday School may be part of our weekly regimen - we have carved out some space on our calendars to be in class. All well and good.

For many though, the challenges of regular Sunday School attendance can conflict with work or other obligations. Some may be touched by one of Jason’s Sunday messages, and have a desire to delve deeper, but don’t know where to turn. Even those who do attend Sunday School, may have missed a session due to travel or illness. So there can be gaps….

We are urged to study the Bible and apply Holy Scripture to our daily living and develop or spiritual appetites. So how do we support our members who have difficulty attending Sunday School? How do we nurture the curious and concerned member who wants a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of the Sermons? How do we support a church member who missed a session or someone who is just visiting and give them a view of what they can learn and experience as Jesus Followers?

We are providing this page to better serve all of our members and guests with a Sunday School perspective. Life is complex, yet the Bible has answers to all of our questions and challenges. These internet links are a wellspring of sound teaching, and God’s presence is revealed in these links.

Grace’s mission: “A life connected to God and a life connected to one another is the most meaningful life there is.” If these messages help these “connections” and bring you peace and understanding, we have accomplished much. God Bless You on your journey.

Bill Hybels

Coffee With God

The Christmas Story

The God I wish you Knew

  • Part 1 – He Receives you….Our great God invites us to come just as we are…
  • Part 2 – He is a Life Giver…God’s deep desire to give us the most meaningful and satisfying life on earth, and an eternal life with Him in Heaven
  • Part 3 – He guides us…Even in the big decisions God “directs our paths”
  • Part 4 – He will transform your heart.
  • Part 5 – He speaks to us
  • Part 6 – He is a promise keeper
  • Part 7 – He is our refuge, even in a world that seems to be spinning out of control
  • Part 8 – He asks us to carry his Name, in all we do.
  • Part 9 – He loves us unconditionally.
  • Part 10 – He is the Anchor for our Souls, (we can trust Him)
  • Part 11 – Finale, and reflection.


Andy Stanley / Northpoint


  • Part 1 – Jesus Says….”Lots of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus says. But what if doing what Jesus says isn't what Jesus says to do at all? Regardless of what you believe. Regardless of how you behave. Jesus invites you to follow him.”
  • Part 2 – Next Steps…..”Religion says, Change and you can join us. Jesus says, Join us and you will change.....Being a sinner doesn't disqualify you from following him. Being an unbeliever doesn't disqualify you from following him. In fact, following almost always begins with a sinner taking one small step.”
  • Part 3 – Fearless….”We want to follow Jesus, but where is he leading? .....If you follow him, you won't have a pain-free life. But that's okay, because Jesus offers much more—a faith so strong it frees us from fear.”
  • Part 4 – Follow Wear….”......following Jesus is a faith that overcomes our fear of the future or our current circumstances. It's a faith that gives us peace. But what do people who follow Jesus look like? What do they wear?”
  • Part 5 – The Fine Print….” ....You are invited to follow him, but there's something you need to know about following Jesus. It will cost you something eventually. It may cost you money, career advancement, or even relationships. ...But you'll find that when you pay the price for following Jesus, you'll be glad you did.”
  • Part 6 – What I want to want….” Most of us don't become Christians with the intent of following Jesus. We become Christians because we are told obedience pays and disobedience doesn't.....Eventually, our agendas clash with Jesus' agenda, and we have to decide whether we'll abandon him or follow.”
  • Part 7 – Leading Great….” ....But Jesus was the greatest leader who ever lived. He modeled a unique approach to leadership that defies our expectations and changed the world. Jesus leveraged his authority for the benefit of those under his authority. Following Jesus means that when we find ourselves in positions of authority, we do the same.”
  • Part 8 – Unfollow??? …..” ...Following Jesus...can cause us to miss opportunities, lose business, or stand out in the crowd when we'd rather fit in. Even Jesus' earliest followers wrestled with this tension. But one of his disciples asked a question that put everything in perspective: "To whom shall I go?"

Starting Point

  • Part 1 – Something Happened….”Everything that exists had a starting point . . . including you. ...Physical life is one of many starting points. Your formal education had a starting point. Your career had a starting point. Your romantic life had a starting point. Your experience as a parent had a starting point...Faith has a starting point as well.”
  • Part 2 – Coming To Terms…..”....[Sometimes] It's not enough to say, "The Bible says . . . ," in the face of real-life tragedy. Adults often need a new starting point. But the starting point for Christian faith isn't, "The Bible says . . . ." It's better than that. It's Jesus.”
  • Part 3 – Sea of Glass….”The three largest faith traditions—Judaism, Islam, and Christianity—claim the same starting point: a man named Abraham. All three agree that sin made a mess of the world and God started his clean up operation with Abraham. God made a series of promises and Abraham’s response to those promises didn’t just have implications for his personal starting point or the starting points of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It had implications for your starting point as well.”
  • Part 4 – The Role of Rules….”Practically speaking, rules are often the centerpiece of religious life. Many people think the Ten Commandments are rules that make a relationship with God possible. If you follow the rules, God will be happy. If you don’t, he won’t. But what if a relationship with God doesn’t depend on our obedience? When it comes to your relationship with God, what is the role of rules?”
  • Part 5 – Nothing but….”Guilt is powerful. Shame can be crippling. We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. We have sin. It only takes a word, a picture, or a name to bring it all back. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past? We can say we’re sorry. We can ask for forgiveness. But some of the things we’ve done hang over our lives like a cloud. What can wash away our sins?”
  • Part 6 – Amazing….” At some point in your faith journey, you will settle into a bargaining posture with God. “God, if you will . . . , I promise I will . . . .” We all do it. That’s just part of religion—every religion.....But is that really how God wants us to relate to him? The problem with a bargaining posture is we never keep up our end of the bargain, do we?”
  • Part 7 – Don’t Stop….” .... The ability to believe is the most powerful force at mankind’s disposal. ....We constantly look for evidence to support what we believe is true. ...If that’s true, isn’t it possible that Christianity is just an example of groupthink on a massive scale?”
  • Part 8 – Invitation …..”Jesus predicted that he would start a gathering, a movement . . . what we call church. And that church would spread all over the earth and outlast the Roman Empire. It would change the world. His prediction must have sounded outlandish to even his closest followers. But here we are, two thousand years later, and the Roman Empire exists only in history books, while Jesus’ gathering is still going strong. The church is the hope of the world because the church is the vehicle by which God is bringing the solution to mankind’s greatest problems: sin, sorrow, and death."


Dr. David Jeremiah

What are you afraid of???